Thoughts on Tolerance on a Tuesday evening

I’m not as tolerant as I would like to be. Standing in other people’s shoes, accepting that not everyone has my values and nobody has exactly my worldview isn’t easy. With-holding judgement isn’t an art I’ve mastered.

There is no ‘but’ to this, no ‘however’, no excuses.

There’s a pain that comes with realising I have all these flaws and that they’re often cast as the leading lady in the drama that is my life. Yet through the sharp sting of a thoughtless statement and the dull ache of tedious politics there is a whole ocean of potentials. Possibilities for me to build this tolerance, listen to people’s stories and learn to understand them.Learn to understand myself.

My worldview needs expanding; my judgements have to be challenged.

It isn’t comfortable.

  • clarepooley33
    Thursday 10 September 2015

    It is never easy to look at oneself honestly and dispassionately and list one’s faults. To then confess them publicly is a very brave thing to do and I am full of admiration for you. I hope you have balanced things up by naming your skills and virtues of which you have many, I am sure.

    • Catherine Oughtibridge
      Monday 14 September 2015

      I hate being imperfect, and whilst I know that sometimes people feel they need to rant and complain, I wish I was the sort of person who never said anything bad about anyone else. I’ve been frustrated with some of the people who I’ve have to interact with recently, and voluble in sharing my frustrations with some of the people close to me. Silence I know is not the answer, but I can’t help but wish that I could have re-framed the situation to the more positive sooner.

      That said, I’m learning, and anybody who is learning to be a better person is heading in the right direction.

      Your encouragement, as always, is very much appreciated.

      • clarepooley33
        Monday 14 September 2015

        It is my pleasure, Catherine. I sympathise with your predicament; I would like to be perfect and the fact that I’m not infuriates me. I annoy others by criticising myself and noticing when others have made mistakes. I am still trying to be less critical – some days are easier than others!

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